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Whether it is your sump pump, booster pump, circulation pump, or ejector pump, when it fails, it affects your entire system. That is why we offer the Top Rated Local® plumbing services with efficiency, making sure you are never left with a sump pump backup or a broken, outdated, or missing sump pump. With our sump pump installation, repair and replacement services, we can effectively give you the best in:

Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

The sump pump’s job is simple: to keep water away from your home, preventing water damage, mold and structural instability. Usually installed in the basement level of your home, it is helped with a series of pipes and structures that irrigate water under the foundation toward the pump. Once there is water near the pump, its job is to get that water out, pumping it away from your home. Without a functioning sump pump, even a simple rainstorm can cause a sump pump backup and flood your building, causing expensive and dangerous damage. Get yours working today.

Booster Pump Installation & Repairs

Working much like a gas compressor, a booster pump is used to increase the pressure of water coming into your house. If you find your showers could use more power, your toilet isn’t flushing well, or it takes longer than you’d like to fill up a glass of water, then your home may need an upgrade. Contact the professionals at Watson’s Plumbing to see if getting a booster pump is right for you, or if your low water pressure may be the cause of another problem in your home.

Circulation Pump Installation & Repairs

Conserving water and money by providing hot water on demand, a circulation pump is a dream come true for many homeowners. Often using a centrifugal pump, the hot water is continuously flowing throughout your home, meaning that hot water is there the second you turn on the tap or the shower. Save big on your water bill and contact us to see how we can give you a fantastic circulation pump.

Ejector Pump Installation & Repairs

An ejector pump is needed when a bathroom or laundry room is below the main sewer or septic line, ejector pumps allow you the versatility in design you want without the hassle. Because plumbing fixtures like toilets and drains need to flow out through the sewage or septic lines, if one is beneath it, an ejector system is required to pump the waste from the fixture up to the line to get it safely out of the home. A broken or malfunctioning ejector pump can be one of your worst nightmares, so let the professionals at Watson’s Plumbing handle it.

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